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Back Pocket Benefits & Transamerica

Group Voluntary Benefit Offerings Made Easy!

  • Enhanced voluntary group offering

  • Flexible options

  • Offering voluntary benefits at an affordable cost

  • Guarantee issue coverages ~ no medical underwriting!

  • Ability to offer coverage to both employers and non-employer groups*

  • Proactive enrollment strategy

  • Technology-driven enrollments and management

  • Enhanced plan design offerings

  • TPA services and administration available

​Back Pocket Benefits is a licensed insurance broker offering guaranteed-issue products in all 50 states, backed by A+ rated carrier Transamerica, who have processed over 3 million claims in their nearly 100 year company history. ​We work with large groups, unions, and organizations to offer guaranteed issue life insurance, critical illness, and accident coverage to employees and members, allowing everyone to have access to low-cost, supplemental healthcare coverage and life insurance.


​In partnership with Transamerica, we are excited to be the only broker in the country offering these products at these levels, with absolutely no medical questions or underwriting:


  • Minimum $25,000 critical illness coverage

  • Minimum $100,000 life insurance coverage

  • Guaranteed-issue accident coverage


Back Pocket Benefits provides payroll deduct options for employers, or direct-pay options for individual consumers who are part of a group, union, or organization. We are also partnered with a national TPA, to ensure that all processing is handled smoothly and efficiently, from enrollment and beyond.​


*Non-employer groups are subject to review on a case-by-case basis.

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