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Supplemental Solutions

What Are Supplemental Benefits? 

Unplanned events happen, and supplemental insurance benefits are the perfect option for covering yourself and your loved ones from unforeseen medial expenses.

We know that there are lots of things you need to spend your hard-earned money on when payday rolls around, and that many people hear about insurance and healthcare and assume it’s just one more thing they can’t afford. But with the high cost of hospital bills and even the rising costs associated with primary care, how can you afford not to consider adding supplemental healthcare options?

For only a few dollars a week, you can cover your whole family against:

  • Accidents that result in a doctor, ER, or hospital visit – for example, injuries sustained in a car accident, a fall, cuts, sports injuries, etc.

  • Diagnosis of a heart attack, stroke, or cancer

  • Death of a family member

  • The high costs of caregiver needs for yourself or family members

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Indivduals & Families

The Solution You Need.

Do you work in the gig economy, don't have benefit offerings from your current employer, or just need access to affordable benefits that you and your family can actually use? We have the solution you need!

Back Pocket Benefits offers access to behavioral health, financial helpline, Teledoc/Telemedicine with a $0 consult fee, dental & vision savings, caregiver support, retail or mail-order Rx solutions, term life insurance, and more...all for less than $15 a month!

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